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Bales Hay offers premium quality hay and feed for horses and livestock, pet supplies, Bales Hay clothing & accessories and more!  Delivery & pickup available.

Are you a retail store looking for high quality wholesale hay?

Look no further. We have been growing hay for over 100 years. Bales Hay has been providing the highest quality hay for our customers throughout the USA for years. Wholesale hay can be purchased by the bale or by the ton. Give us a call for current pricing and availability.

At Bales Hay we offer a variety of feed to fit your customer’s needs and budget including: Alfalfa, Bermuda Grass, Paca Verde (Rye/Alfalfa Mix), Teff Grass, Straw & Sudan Grass. Our hay is barn stored to help retain quality throughout the year. 

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we sell and haul round bales of Hay, Straw, Green Feed, etc. across the prairies. We believe that farms need to help other farms and work with all our suppliers to keep our quality high and costs as low as possible.

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We put up a number of acres ourselves but work with other quality farmers across the prairies in order to keep hauling distances lower for our clients which also helps in our prices. We are continually sourcing farms that have the same values in order to always bring that old fashioned quality service.

Horse trailers

durable aluminum construction has higher resistance to rust and corrosion. It’s also lighter weight, increasing your payload capacity and making for a smoother tow. Great value too.

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we put safety first to protect you and your horses as you travel down the road in one of our aluminum horse trailers. In addition to a smooth and secure ride, heavy-duty all-aluminum construction gives you a horse trailer built for the long haul. Along with our all-aluminum durability, a 10-year limited structural warranty*

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We offer a variety of hay options to fit your needs and budget, including: Alfalfa, Bermuda Grass, Paca Verde, Teff Grass, Straw and Sudan Grass. Our hay is barn stored to help retain quality throughout the year. Hay can be picked up at our farm in Buckeye, Arizona. Local delivery is available.

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bales and hay offers you all you need at low cost and high quality

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